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Discover Who You are…with the Eclectic Brown Pashmina

There’s an old saying, “If you want to know more about a person, look at how they dress.”

Clothing has been a form of self-expression from time-immemorial. So, this time to glorify the best version of your individuality why don’t you stylize yourself with the in-fashion cashmere shawls?

Ever since their origin back in the 15th century, the pashmina has been an avid traveler. From courtrooms to elite ballrooms to classrooms, this wrap has undergone a multitude of colour explorations & purposes. From royal blue, red, beige and green, this year, the trending shade is coffee brown pashminas.

Till now, Brown was one shade avoided due to its neutrality. However, the fashion domain is all about experimenting today. So, guess what? With the correct fashioning and attires, a brown pashmina can help you portray different versions of yourself.

brown pashmina

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Nail Your Pashmina Wrap with Enticing Colour Matches!

Black Pashmina

Pashmina is the fine wool made with the hair of a distinctive clan of Himalayan goats. These goats live at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Naturally, the hair is hot and soft. It is also six times thinner than a human hair. The pure pashmina wrap is hand-woven with the artistic excellence of a weaver as they cannot stand machinery pressure.

The name of this spashmina wrap is derived from a Persian word “Pashm” which means made of wool. The delicate fabric is also called ‘soft gold’ for its light golden glow.

However, with growing popularity and demand, these pashmina wraps are now woven to with different fabric blends.

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