Melatonin Side Effects – Should You Take Sleeping Medications?

Lately we have witnessed more and more patients using melatonin for their sleeping troubles. Nevertheless, the truth is that melatonin might be somewhat threatening for the entire body. This comes because melatonin has proven to have unwanted side effects that can create dangerous complications for the well being.

Taking sleeping pills

Some figures show that large numbers of American citizens get sleeping pills to remedy their sleeping disorders. While insomnia and other sleeping disorders are indeed quite frustrating to fight with, sleeping tablets shouldn’t be the main alternative of yours. You can find plenty of various other strategies for treating sleep apnea that do not need to do with any sleeping tablets.

Nevertheless, in case you’ve made the decision that using drugs for insomnia is the most sensible choice, you need to bear other items in mind. Many sleeping drugs have melatonin, which initially is a natural hormone that regulates people’s sleeping manners. Scientists thought that those who have trouble sleeping must use exactly the same hormone for treating the condition and so they created melatonin sleeping tablets.

If you’ve begun contemplating using melatonin sleeping pills

You have to be conscious of melatonin side effects. Individuals who used sleeping pills containing melatonin have reported dizziness, headaches, feeling misunderstood, nightmares, sleepwalking and also disturbance. Even if these surely do not seem too dangerous, you have to be aware that the list does not finish here.

Patients diagnosed with gotten melatonin and simultaneously tried to create an infant said that melatonin surely decreased their odds for conceiving. As a consequence, melatonin has even started to be used as contraception for all the people who don’t want to get pregnant. Aside from due to this side effect, people using melatonin also have reported feeling frustrated and irritated by many issues as well as anyone around them in time they had taken melatonin. This is another melatonin complication which makes people feel frustrated even by the slightest factor.

Melatonin cannot be blended with a selection of drugs

That include blood thinning medicines, immunosuppressants, contraceptive drugs as well as diabetes pills. It would be harmful to mix melatonin with those pills since they may interact and lead to excess conditions to the patient using melatonin.

Melatonin overdose is so much risky and the affected person ought to at all times be aware when it’s all about the dose. Another research indicates that melatonin overdose, besides for being extremely vicious for the wellness, it also has no effect on individuals who get it to fight their sleeping disorders. Routinely, 0.3 mg of melatonin has demonstrated to be too successful and some something more are only able to produce complications.


To conclude all that has become stated, melatonin is a sleeping medicament plus it serves the purpose of its well enough! However, it also has a selection of harmful side effects which make it harmful for the well being of the individual taking it. As a consequence, consulting with a health care professional initially is invariably more effective in case you’re faced with sleeping problems. Never buy melatonin over the counter without first consulting your doctor!