maca root

Great for physical stamina

Maca is a plant that grows natively in Peru, South America, and was reputed by the ancient Incas to possess extraordinary powers of sexual enhancement.

Maca root is sometimes referred to as ‘Peruvian ginseng’, because the two plants are said to share similar therapeutic qualities, though the plants themselves are not alike in physiology.

As well as improved sexual performance, Maca extract has been taken for many thousands of years to improve general physical health, strength and stamina.

The Incas would take Maca before going into battle to make them extra-deadly, but in a gentlemanly twist, the supplement would be withdrawn after a battle was won, to prevent the women of the defeated peoples from the over-sexed warriors.

What actually is Maca?

Maca’s full title is Lepidium meyenii, and it is the root of the maca which is of particular interest.

Shaped a bit like a radish, this medication root is said to contain the very best healing properties of the maca plant, and it is the root that is ground down to make healing tonics and nutrition supplements.

Maca plants are still grown today in the same places where the ancient Incas would have tended them thousands of years ago, to ensure the same balance of nutrients from the soil and other environmental factors, and so as not to disturb the delicate balance of these miracle roots.

This medication is gaining popularity today as a nutritional supplement and particularly as a completely safe and natural way to boost sexual performance and stamina, as opposed to many of the potentially dangerous sexual drugs on the market.

Maca is also taken to increase general energy levels, and to improve athletic performance, presumably a re-channeling of the libido-enhancing properties it has been bestowing upon men for generations.

Why it is getting more popular?

The science behind maca’s amazing, energy-boosting power is still under investigation by a number of research teams, but preliminary findings have identified two new types of chemical compound, labelled macaenes and macamides after the maca plant itself, which are believed to be primarily responsible for the stimulant effect of the maca root.

Though maca root also contains protein, carbs, and a variety of fatty acids, all of which are nutritionally beneficial.

Tests conducted with extracts of macaenes and macamides from the maca root confirmed that these substances did indeed caused increased libido, sexual performance and energy.

Both men and women given the supplements reported significantly increased sexual appetite, and the men found that their erections were more impressive and consistent under the influence of this medication extracts.

Doctors prescribed and can be used as food

In Peru, somewhat bizarrely, maca root is used as an ingredient in many common foods, including cakes and other baked treats, and blended into drinks.

They have a maca festival every year with a variety of this medication-based treats, and one can only imagine what a day that is.

This medication is being increasingly prescribed by doctors as a safe, natural remedy for common sexual disorders, including male impotence, for which it has shown significant success.

Because this medication stimulates a strong hormonal response, it is also sometimes employed as a treatment for some symptoms of menopause, and to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Additionally, this medication is gaining popularity as an energy-boosting supplement, to aid levels of focus and mental agility, and to improve athletic performance.

Some studies have shown that taking this medication can increase the results gained from working out, particularly bodybuilding, and that maca can promote an overall feeling of health and well-being.

Availability of Maca

Maca supplements come in a variety of forms, with pills and powders containing the dry, ground root proving particularly popular.

It is important to remember that this medication is a herb, and not a drug, and therefore it is effective in larger doses than a drug-based medication will be.

The recommended ‘dose’ of this medication is typically around two to three thousand milligrams a day, spread throughout the day with meals to improve the absorption of the active ingredients.

If you want to enjoy this medication the way the ancient Incas would have done, you might take a large dose of powdered root and add it to a meal or beverage.

It has a pleasant taste a bit like graham flour.

Do not be too shy with your servings, there is no ‘maca overdose’, and more maca can mean better results!

Men must have

This medication is recommended for anyone wishing to remedy a sexual dysfunction, or indeed anyone just wishing to add a little zing into their sex life.

It can also be taken as a supplement to improve mental ability and alertness, and to improve sporting performance.

Maca is a completely natural, safe and non-toxic herbal remedy, but you should preferably consult your doctor before beginning a new course of supplements or medications, and especially if you experience any negative side-effects as a result.

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