Discover Who You are…with the Eclectic Brown Pashmina

There’s an old saying, “If you want to know more about a person, look at how they dress.”

Clothing has been a form of self-expression from time-immemorial. So, this time to glorify the best version of your individuality why don’t you stylize yourself with the in-fashion cashmere shawls?

Ever since their origin back in the 15th century, the pashmina has been an avid traveler. From courtrooms to elite ballrooms to classrooms, this wrap has undergone a multitude of colour explorations & purposes. From royal blue, red, beige and green, this year, the trending shade is coffee brown pashminas.

Till now, Brown was one shade avoided due to its neutrality. However, the fashion domain is all about experimenting today. So, guess what? With the correct fashioning and attires, a brown pashmina can help you portray different versions of yourself.

brown pashmina

Want a glimpse? Read on –

The no-nonsense entrepreneur –

For all the stylish boss ladies who know how to control an entire enterprise, garbing up in warm hues of brown & black can help represent their certain aura best.

In fact, if you’re getting ready to head a board meeting, then the best option is to deck up in formal colours like navy. You can utilise an M&S Collection Peplum Hem Midi Dress and stylize it with a crisp brown wrap.

The college diva –

Preppy and easy going by nature, for all the trend crazy girls, who are scared of the fashion police, the best shade to express their vibrancy is pink.

So, imagine this, you’re organising the school prom, so the best attire to express your confidence and happy going persona is the M&S Collection Linen Blend Sleeveless Tunic Dress. Pair this ensemble with gladiators and tie a crisp bowknot on your neck using your brown shawl.

The Goth lady –

Halloween is around the corner, and you wish to experiment with the Goth look?

Well, lucky for you, here 3 new Halloween Goth get-up’s you can pull of using black & brown!

The archangel look: Using your brown pashmina style a twisted braid knot and drape it over your neck. For the outfit go for a black skater attire like the M&S Collection Front Split Slip Midi Dress and wrap up the look by using smudged make-up.

The creepy doll: Do a smashed makeup face and wear tippy toe pointy heels and use your brown shawl to do a hair braided wrap. Now, for the outfit, the petite Neck Swing Mini Dress is a good option to pick for the doll look.

A goblin/vampire: For the outfit, go for garb like an M&S Collection CURVE Satin Notch Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse and ripped jeans. Now, finish off by draping any brown pashmina carelessly over your shoulder and scrunch it up. Do a tired make-up face to finish the outlook.

Girl next door –

For being just you, to the core, go for fun loving shades like red & yellow. Bright, optimistic & passionate, these shades combined with a coffee pashmina can be ideal to represent a warm aura.

So, for a regular go-to outfit, with your shawl, pick the Classic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shell Top and for the bottoms, the M&S Collection Sculpt & Lift Jeggings is an easy-going choice.

Note: The days you wish to dress up, here’s another good choice of attire with a pashmina. Try the poncho look with any red M&S Collection Pure Cotton Beach Dress.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Now, why don’t you go try these various personalities and who knows maybe you’ll discover new eclectic styles to wrap your scarf. & express yourself better!