Ask an SEO Blogger: Why and How Much?

Developing your Greenville business, this is our next post on expanding your horizon’s.

I’ve loved answering the really unique questions my colleagues have thrown at me about being an SEO blogger. Most of them have been two fold – should I do this an how.

Today’s is, too:

“I’d love to know the difference between a regular blogger and an SEO blogger and how much an SEO blogger charges.This is something that interests me and the reason why I’m taking SEO classes. I hope you can enlighten me more.”

I’m a stickler for reminding anyone with ears that there are different types of blogs. You can blog for a hobby, just to practice writing, and/or as a way to stay connected with your fans.

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Business blogs are often focused on increasing website traffic, converting that traffic into sales leads, and turning them into clients. It’s a funnel.

And an SEO blogger helps keep the funnel full by providing content marketing articles the business can promote on the internet.

So, what’s the difference between an SEO blogger, and everyone else?

Lots of things – starting with:

Animal SEO blogging is designed to bring in relevant hemp dog treats traffic to a pet website.

Unlike, “Dear Diary” hobby blogs, SEO blogging uses a specific set of keywords that have to interconnect.

For example, each blog should contain:

Links to internal website pages

Links to other blogs

Relevant keywords

Long-tail keywords/phrases

Sometimes, high-traffic sites are designed for advertisers, or for affiliates. Those sites are bringing in traffic, but not necessarily selling to anyone who visits the site.

As part of a strategy, there’s a lot more behind the scenes.

Unlike regular bloggers, an SEO blogger has to spend a lot more time on incidentals. You’ll find them in my free SEO blogging checklist:

The point here isn’t just that you’re getting fresh content onto your website, but also that the inner-workings, just like a watch, have to grind effectively inside the blog.

Lead images should link up to URLs, Yoast data should be filled out, and content should be broken down in a specific format, etc.

ROI is an expectation; not an option.

While ROI is impossible to predict when you hire an SEO blogger, it is possible to have reasonable expectations.

As analysts ourselves, we know you’ll be looking at how much your audience increased, how many shares you received on content, if you got any sales leads, and who the audience being attracted to the blog was.

It’s my expectation (unlike many writers) to work with you to establish benchmarks for your success. While I can’t nail hard numbers, certainly, we have open forum discussions to assess and test new strategies on a regular basis.

SEO bloggers stay up on the industry trends.

I probably scan 25 articles a week to see what’s happening in the industry. These include social media, marketing trends, and new technology.

I can tell you how long a video should be for ideal viewing, the length of a perfect blog title, if a meta-description is catchy enough, and a billion other factoids .

While it’s certainly not impossible for other bloggers to do this, the reason you hire an SEO blogger is if you want online marketing at the forefront of your strategy to bring in new business leads.

And what does an SEO blogger charge?

You might have noticed that my copywriting packages are very affordable; the start-up subscription is just $250/month.

My rate for an SEO blog, with all the bells and whistles, starts at $50. For SEO, you need at least 500 words, but longer blogs are taking over (about 1,500 is now the ideal.) I only book in increments of (4) blogs these days, too.

However, each SEO blogger has their own business model and pricing philosophy. Some bill by the blog, and some bill by the hour. Here’s a blog on exactly how to budget for your business blogging.

If you still feel a little confused, check out my blog on what an SEO copywriter can and can’t do for you, where I clarify my ninja-like powers.