Greenville & Bond County
Historical Stories by Allan H. Keith

Fascinating stories about the history of Greenville and Bond County


Civil War Monument

When The Liberty Bell Visited Greenville

1908 City Directory

Greenville High School in 1930

Greenville Businesses in 1930

Rev. John Brown White

Presidential Elections Over 140 Years

Origin of Greenville Street Names

Origin of Town Names

Mayors Since 1872

Towns Known By Other Names

1934 Protest in Greenville

First GHS Class Graduated in 1873

College Life Has Humor & High Jinks

Lincoln, Douglas Visit in 1858

1898 Celebration

Dog Rescues Boy

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Allan H. Keith, formerly of Greenville, is a free-lance writer and lives in Mattoon.
Articles and Stories CopyrightÅ  by Allan H. Keith All rights reserved.